I Choose You

This Valentine’s Day, come record a video greeting card telling your Valentine why you chose this piece of jewelry, and why you choose them every day.

Here’s what you get when you spend at least $199:

  • an amazing piece of jewelry …obviously 🙂 
  • a personalized video greeting card (more on that below)
  • a beautiful bouquet of flowers
  • a buy 1, get 1 free entree certificate at Swingers Grille

And here’s how it works:

Spend at least $199 on the perfect piece of jewelry and you’ll get a bouquet of flowers, a buy 1, get 1 free entrée from our friends at Swingers Grille…and you’ll also get access to our private video booth, where you’ll record a personalized message to your Valentine. When you’re done recording (with as many takes as you need), we’ll transfer the file onto a video greeting card. It’s a card with a little TV screen inside of it (as shown at 1:03 in the YouTube video link below), and as soon as you open it up, your video starts playing! It’s the best card you’ll ever give, and one that your Valentine will want to keep forever!

(Click the YouTube link below and checkout this demo video we made to give you a better sense of what this video greeting card is all about)

Nervous about recording? You’re obviously free to say whatever you want, but to help you out, we’ll have cue cards in the booth that guide you through the 4 basic parts we’re suggesting (as demonstrated in the YouTube video above):

  • a simple, fun greeting (maybe a pet name like, “Hey Sugar”)   
  • why you choose them (so say, “I choose you because…”) we’ll have examples handy
  • why you chose this piece of jewelry (so say, “And I chose this necklace because…”) 
  • wrap-up by saying “So Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you, and I choose you.”

We think that’s a winning formula for a fantastic video Valentine’s Day card.

Also, anyone is welcome to record! We think this idea would score HUGE points for the men 🙂 …but men or women, it doesn’t matter. As long as you spend $199 on a piece of jewelry for your Valentine, the video greeting card booth is open to you!

So if you’re stuck in a Valentine’s Day gift-giving rut, try something different this year. Spend $199 and get flowers, a special dinner discount, a hand-selected piece of jewelry, and then create a video greeting card explaining why you chose it, and why you’ll keep choosing your Valentine every day.

Offer valid now through Feb. 14th; video booth recording sessions available Feb. 9 – 14 only.



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