Built for Dad Workshop

Remember our Made for Mom Workshop on Mother’s Day? Well, we decided Dad also needs some handmade attention from the kids. So we’re hosting a free Built for Dad Workshop on Friday, June 17th and Saturday, June 18th.

Bring the kids in! We’ll have stations set-up where they can decorate customized foam picture frames using stickers, markers, colors…maybe even some glue. Who knows. Once they get the frame to their liking, we’ll put it in a Jack Lewis gift bag so they’ll have something special to give Dad on Father’s Day.

The frame itself will be empty, so you can put whatever you want in it before giving it to Dad…..maybe a picture of Dad & his kids, maybe a cute handwritten note, it’s up to you! We just want to give you a fun opportunity to decorate the frame itself…because picture frames count as jewelry, right?! 🙂

Moms…bring in the kids so the gift ends up being a surprise to Dad. Or…Dads, bring in the kids yourself to have a little bonding time while they make the gift just for you. Either way, this Built for Dad Workshop is absolutely free. No purchase necessary. The frame they decorate is free. The official Jack Lewis bag we’ll place it in is free. Just come in and have some fun creating a picture frame for Dad.

JLJ Fathers Day - Built for Dad Workshop Graphic (Boostable)

Now, we do have some other specials going on for Father’s Day (if you’re an adult son or daughter who’s buying something for their own father, for instance). If you spend at least $45 on a new SECRID wallet at Jack Lewis between now and Father’s Day, we’ll give you a free $10 gift card to slip inside it.

(Gift cards are from Starbucks, Lowe’s, or Best Buy…and it’s your choice.)

If you haven’t seen SECRID wallets, they’re pretty cool. Dad’s cards and IDs remain organized and protected from RFID scanning, and with a flip of a switch they securely pop-out from inside the wallet for super-easy access.

Check them out at this link: SECRID Wallets

JLJ Fathers Day - Wallet Offer Graphic (Boostable)

Whether you’re coming to make frames or purchase a wallet, we hope you’ll make Jack Lewis part of your Father’s Day weekend!








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