Made for Mom Workshop

Psst… hey Dads. You need a Mother’s Day idea. We have one for you. Check this out.

Thursday through Saturday, we have little assembly stations set up around the store where your kids can come in and make a piece of jewelry for Mom. There’s cords, beads, stickers, cardboard, crayons…all the fun stuff that goes into awesome kid-made jewelry.



And when they’re finished, we’ll wrap it up in a Jack Lewis box and make it look official.

Imagine Mom’s face on Sunday morning when she’s given a Jack Lewis box, and she opens it to find a little bracelet or necklace handmade by her kids.

Admit it, you’re getting misty-eyed just thinking about it. It’s pretty much the greatest Mother’s Day gift idea in the history of ever.

And it’s completely free. Seriously. No games. No purchase necessary. This whole Made for Mom Workshop idea is totally and absolutely free. The piece of jewelry they make with the beads and cords will be free. The official Jack Lewis box we’ll wrap it in will be free.

Just bring your kids in and have some fun creating a card and a piece of jewelry for Mom.



Now, we do have some other specials going on for Mother’s Day (if you’re an adult son or daughter who’s buying something for their own mother, for instance). If you spend at least $149 on jewelry at Jack Lewis between now and Saturday, we’ll bonus you a free $20 Starbucks gift card for Mom. Spend at least $299, and we’ll bonus you the Starbucks card and a free 30-minute massage for Mom at Fox & Hounds in downtown Bloomington.

Honestly, there’s no combination of gifts in the world that can adequately reward a Mom for all she’s done. But we hope these inadequate gifts can bring a smile to your Mom’s face because of the loving spirit behind them.

Happy Mother’s Day from Jack Lewis Jewelers!





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