Blingfest: the wedding weekend

We get it: there’s basketball this weekend. In fact, this is arguably the best weekend in sports. Men, you’re gonna be tempted to plant yourself on a barstool for the better part of 96 hours, frantically checking your bracket to see if that 5-12 upset you predicted actually materializes.

But do you know what could score you some serious points this weekend? Carving out a couple hours to take your wife/girlfriend diamond shopping. She’d never expect it. She’s already begun mentally prepping to not see you at all for several days. So imagine how impactful it would be for you to skip the first half of a guaranteed blowout in the 1-16 matchup to visit Jack Lewis for Blingfest.

See, as a rule, when it comes to how many shapes and sizes of jewelry we can carry in-house on a given day, space constraints force us to draw the line somewhere.

So what is Blingfest? Blingfest erases that line. And by erases, we mean it comes out firing, draws charges, pushes the ball up the court, gets easy fast-break points, and totally demoralizes the lower seed so that the game is essentially over before the first TV timeout.

For one weekend only (March 18, 19, 20), we’re making space and offering you the following:

  • hundreds more loose diamonds than normal (which means lower prices)
  • thousands more rings and wedding bands than normal (which also means lower prices)
  • 24-months interest free financing, which is a full year longer than normal.

This is all stuff we don’t usually offer in the store, so that’s why it’s essential you flip your mental switch into “Blingfest Buying Mode”…because once the weekend is over, we have to scale back down again, and that tournament energy becomes more like a regular season conference game.

Plus, new this year, we’re sweetening the deal with ALL of the following additional offers:

  • Any engagement ring purchase during Blingfest gets you a free engagement photo session!
  • Any engagement ring purchase during Blingfest gets you free access to our Ring Cam box, should you want to use that to capture your proposal on video via hidden camera!
  • Any engagement ring purchase during Blingfest gets you $100 off a men’s band & $100 off a women’s band (this offer cannot be combined to use $200 on one band; customer may only redeem this offer if using the $100 credit per band)

So take off your short shorts, put on your baggy Fab Five gear, and bounce into Blingfest on March 18, 19 and 20 ready to make some amazing purchases. If you know it’s time to propose but have been dragging your feet, Blingfest is a good reason to finally come get the diamond. If you’re ready to buy an engagement ring but don’t think you can afford it, you’ll be able to afford it at Blingfest. If you’ve spent months unsuccessfully looking for a specific diamond, or ring, or band, or diamond ring band…you will succeed in finding it at Blingfest.

There’ll be all kinds of diamonds, all kinds of rings, of all shapes and sizes, at all kinds of prices. Blingfest is like a jewelry warehouse exploded in our showroom. Blingfest is when the roof opens up and it starts raining extra diamonds, extra rings, and longer financing in our showroom. Blingfest is the 3-day Incredible Hulk version of Jack Lewis: our giant, green, superhuman alter-ego, ready to hulk smash you right in the face with more bling in our showroom than you can possibly imagine. You think you can imagine it. You’re wrong. You can’t.

[Ron Burgundy voice] I don’t know how to put this, but if you’re looking for a diamond, or a ring, right now, or in the near future, this is kind of a big deal. [/voice]  We’re not even normally open Sundays! But for Blingfest, yes…we are.

(And as an extra bonus, we’ll even have a special section marked-off featuring select diamonds and engagement rings at 50% off.)

Maybe you’re most excited by the super-crazy selection Blingfest will have to offer. Maybe you’re most intrigued by the 24-months interest free financing Blingfest will have to offer (which, if you’ve been shopping around for diamond rings, you know that 24-months is virtually unheard-of these days). Maybe the free engagement photo session is enough to put you over the top.

Whichever phase of Blingfest grabs your attention most, remember that it’s for one weekend only

Friday, March 18th from 10a – 7p

Saturday, March 19th from 10a – 5p

Sunday, March 20th from 10a – 5p

So take a couple hours away from your bracket and make plans to be at Blingfest. Snapchat your friends about Blingfest. Text your enemies at 3am about Blingfest. Instagram a #nofilter of you overnight camping outside Jack Lewis waiting for Blingfest. We don’t do stuff like this very often, so we promise it’ll be worth it.

See you at Blingfest: the wedding weekend.


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